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M.G. Cycles offer expert bike repair and maintenance services in the local area. We specialise in cycle repair and maintenance for a wide range of cycles from professional road, time-trial and triathlon bikes to everyday and commuter bicycles.

Convenient and professional, we’ll collect your bike from anywhere in range of 30 miles from our location(Carriage fee will be applicable depending on your location). We’ll then carry out the necessary repairs or services and return your bike back at a time that’s convenient for you.

Regular servicing is important to ensure the safety and efficiency of your bicycle. Our cycle maintenance and repair services have been designed to ensure a safe and smooth ride for every bike.

Premium service hydraulic / Premium service mechanical


  • £270 / £210

    Our premium service is our most popular and is designed for cyclists who need to keep their bicycle in the very best condition. By stripping the bike back to its most basic form, we are able to offer a comprehensive check of all parts and components including the frame, fork, brakes, wheels, chain and pedals. This service also includes services of your bike’s bottom bracket, headset and hubs. Hydraulic service includes brake bleeding, cleaning or replacing disc rotors and brake pads. Once this service is complete, a road-test will be carried out to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Standard service+headset / Standard service


  • £180 / £150

    Our standard package provides a thorough examination of your bike, guaranteed to improve the safety and performance aspects of your ride. Your bike will undergo the same checks and repairs as carried out in our premium service with the exception of  hubs services. If your bike require a replacing headset bearings we’ll keep you in the loop and will make small upgrade for extra little cost. If a customer needs any of these services as individual extras, we are able to recommend changes and repairs for an additional fee once agreed upon.

Basic service

  • £60

Safety should be the top priority for any cyclist. This service looks at all aspects of your cycle to determine how safe your bike is and offers recommendations for improvement, where necessary. This basic service is ideal for those who have purchased a bike privately.

Custom wheel building

  • £60

    Wheel building is one of our specialities. In our skilled hands, the high precision tools we use can create meticulous custom wheels to suit every level of performance – including high-spec features such as nipple drives to bladed or rounded spokes. This service includes a consultation with you to ensure we work to meet your requirements and budget.

Gears Tune-Up

  • From £20

    Your gears are one of the most complex aspects of your bike and should only be worked on by a professional. If you’re having trouble with your gears, we’ll use our expert knowledge to find out what’s going on, then fix it. We are specialists in working with electronic gear systems including Electronic Power Shift (EPS) from Italian manufacturer Campagnolo. We can also provide Di2 updates (£15) using Shimano E-tube software to help improve bike performance.

Brake Service

  • From £20

    Your brakes are arguably the most important component of your bike. At M.G. Cycles we can service any make of mechanical or hydraulic brakes by most manufacturers (Shimano, Magura, SRAM, Campagnolo and Avid etc). Should any issues arise from our assessment of your brakes during the service, we’ll either fix or completely replace them.

The services listed on the website do not represent the full spectrum of what we can do for you and your bicycle. If there is something that you would like us to help with that’s not listed, please get in touch with information about your bike and special requirements using the workshop booking form at the bottom of the page.

Please note, all prices given are for the cost of the service alone and parts with sundry are not included. All work is completed to the exact specifications of the customer and therefore prices may increase depending on the requirements of the bike-owner. No extra work is ever completed without prior consent. Old parts are retained for the customer only if it was requested and an explanation about the reason for replacement is always provided.

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